Andrew Allanson Dip AD LSIA
Painter and Sculptor
I was born in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I attended Wakefield School of Art in the early
70’s where I took a fine art foundation course.
After a move from Yorkshire to Wiltshire with my family, my studies continued for four more
years with the addition of Graphic Design, 3D Design, Photography and Illustration.
I worked for many years as a ‘creative’ in the Art and Design industry as a designer, illustrator
and director of photography. I ran my own business producing both analogue and digital
advertising images for international companies, such as Mitsubishi, Intel, Nationwide,
Fujifilm and Pentax among others.

For me, Fine Art, painting and sculpture in particular, have always been a passion, and the use
of traditional materials a real pleasure. I enjoy working in both 2 and 3 dimensions.
The opportunity to share a ceramics studio some years ago finally brought me full circle
and back to my roots. I have now been a full time artist and sculptor for around 15 years.

I have produced work in Soapstone, Serpentine, and Ceramic media creating one off pieces.
More recently I have been exploring the possibilities offered by modern materials such as
metallized resins and Jesmonite. This makes it possible to produce pieces as limited
editions and to explore alterations of surface texture and colour. In this way each work
can in effect be unique.

My subjects are often animal forms, or figures, these being semi-abstract.
I enjoy the freedom to create and develop my own interpretations and the challenge of
capturing the essence of a subject. My work is particularly tactile and focuses on
the transitions of line, surface and plane, often with with textured or polished accents.
The metal rich surfaces of my cast pieces often include bronze, iron, or aluminium. This offers
further scope for patination and oxidation effects. My working process often starts with
drawing, then a clay or plaster maquette. Once a form is fully developed, a multi-piece
mould is made of the full size original, which can then be cast. Each piece is hand finished
and often given individual characteristics during this process. I personally undertake all
stages of the work from concept to patination. Stylistic influences come from many directions.
These include British Modernists, like Moore and Hepworth, to ancient cultures such as Aztec
and Olmec art and also Inuit carvings.